The Best Golf Course Marketing Tools


6In today’s market, marketing goes a long way to build a customer base and encourage them to buy more often and more quickly. For golf course owners and managers the key is getting people to show up time and time again, it is also important they bring other people and refer new customers to your course. Most owners or managers will use a golf management system that will help in marketing and will generate exposure and revenue. In this article we will discuss some of the best marketing tools for operators of golf courses.

Building a custom website is the first marketing options. Your online presence will look professional and you will build sales by having an online calendar and online tee time booking. Choosing the right golf software solution is essential, you need something that offers everything you need and looks professional, while at the same time is easy to maintain. Your non-technical team members should be able to publish news, promotions, and events; this will ensure that all of your information is up to date and informative. This will keep people viewing your website which will lead to people visiting your golf course.

The next marketing tool is database and email marketing. This tool from will help in communicating with your customers, it will allow you to pass along relevant information and offers. A lot of information about loyalty programs and membership specials is offered via emails. You should be taking full advantage of your golf database so that you can send your customers relevant information and specials.

Online marketing is a great tool for all companies, not just golf courses. You should be advertising on relevant websites to help build your SEO and to drive customers to your website or booking agent. You will be able to tap into other businesses customer base and extend your reach to people that are interested in your product.

A marketing effort that is unique to golf is third party tee time marketing. When using this CaddieMaxx tool you will increase exposure of your course and will extend the reach of your business by working with a third party that already has customers. This is a pay for performance method, you will only pay the third party if they book tee times at your course. Doing this marketing will safe your out of pocket expenses.

The goal of all marketing efforts is to create customer awareness for your course and inspire people see what you have to offer. After you get someone to play your golf course, you need to make them a repeat customer. You can do this with consistent communication, special offers and loyalty programs. For more tips on viral marketing, visit


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